For someone who is Dyslexic it is really hard to get one project done and even having my blog site done, it took me almost 2 years to get it done. However as they say it is a gift. A blessing, a super power that I should harness. And I am slowly making use of it. Putting all what I have envisioned into reality.

I have alot of projects that I want to document in my blog and hopefully in the days ahead I will be able to provide y’all full picture from conceptualization down to completion. I will be starting a dropshipping business soon at the same time work on the wifi project and hopefully before the end of the year I can start the call center project.

My interests always includes communications, data interpretation, planning and forecasting. As they say, dyslexics always good on making options however the cons is always maintaining a well focused mind setting. Nevertheless, I can get this all down this year. I am very much into it. I can make it and I can do it.

By neil

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