When I started my career online way back 1999, the game plan is always about putting your url on the top of the search results. It was a very easy task to dominate the search results. However people are then abusing the very lousy yahoo and google algorithms, that’s why when yahoo was sold to microsoft and google dominated the search engine industry, I and the rest of the internet marketers left with no choice but to do what google asked us to do – clean shaving, pure white hat seo and I was able to perform the right practices in search engine marketing. Today, I am equip with the skills and the experience and can take on any project. I can help you be on the top of the search listing and even dominate the search results with all of your major urls.

Myspace, friendster and wordpress, pre facebook era we are just contented with web 2.0 sites and chatting is just been done through yahoo messenger and then after few years, there was a certain opensource company offered skype as an alternative. Social Media was not even a factor in doing marketing. People engage through the landing pages, squeeze pages, homepage or a blog. However it all changed when Mark Z. introduced his site to everyone and with that, everything changed. And now the battle zone for leads, sales and retargeting is through social media platforms. If you want to push your content to your target audience, send me a message (email, call or skype) I will be happy to take your project.

I can build your target audience, I can create a marketing plan for the entire year. I can strengthen your engagement with your followers and most importantly create Leads and Sales.

An ordinary name can be a household name and an unknown person can be somebody online that is, if good branding comes in and effectively delivered to its target audience. If you want your brand to rapidly be mentioned online, followed and admired, call my name and consider it done.

Do you know that these days, local dominated the ecommerce industry, why is that? its because they develop a trust relationship with their audience and they never failed to provide quality services and products. If you are wanting your brand to be known, be respected in your locality, talk to me and lets build your presence on social media + search engine.

I am currently focusing on facebook ads, though I dont take out google adwords. However majority of my projects, I am pushing traffic and conversions through facebook ads. I have 4 yrs in doing PPC both google adwords and Facebook Ads.

Clients do come to me because I can help them out with planning their marketing campaigns online. If you are looking for someone to plan out your course of actions for the entire year,give me all the data I need and lets discuss your goals.