Hey, Thanks for dropping by!

I’ve built this website for the sole purpose of starting something. Cultivating a platform that provide an outlet for my ideas, opinions and so forth. Technically I am a Digital Worker.

I provide strategic plans for businesses. I also help them with their marketing campaigns online. I basically always considering starting something that can aid me financially. Such as affiliate marketing, ppc and other passive income generation projects.

But living on digital poverty, you cant start on anything without a strong financial back up and I don’t have that. That is the mere reason why I started accepting projects as a VA. As I write this content, its been almost like 16 years that I focus myself on getting short term projects.

Way back early 2000’s search engine marketing is necessary for any company to thrive online. That is the reason why I became a SEO Specialist, then comes the age of social media, I became a Social Media Campaigner. And so with the massive dropshipping stores popping up almost in every corner of the digital world – I also became a Media Buyer.

A sort of a Jack of all trades. I can provide support in almost any project. The only thing that is lacking with my skillset is being a php coder, a android developer, a photoshop artist or a video editor.

But you can always count me on bringing in leads, sales and reaching more audience for your brand awareness campaigns.

I always love to accept projects specially when I know I can be able to provide results and if I believe on my client’s brand. I will be happy to work on any ambitious,weird, out of this world projects. I will pour in my energy in achieving goals.

This website is NOT just to showcase Digital Marketing Prowess nor to attract more clients and earn projects hence to ultimately use this platform to release my thoughts on the things venture myself into because I believe as we life each second of our lives is already an adventure that worth to be documented.