Before I started my career online, I was just an ordinary affiliate marketer who is wanting to earn a living out of blogs I have created. The only high paying PPC platform that time was adsense and everyone’s doing the same. At the start I could not be able focus on my project because at 19, I have to complete my college degree program and sadly I wasnt able to due to alot of personal reasons and so I set aside my PPC projects.

Then when I got back on my footing, I was able to receive my business degree at the same school Ive enrolled as a computer science major.

I always wanting to get back on what I love to do the most which is finding opportunities where everyone can’t. I believe there’s alot of reasons why a person fail in his income generation projects but there are more reasons to get back on track and fix those issues.

Its now almost 20 yrs since I started working on affiliate marketing and today, I had the opportunity again to continue the projects I’ve shelved for so long.This time around I will document every step I did and hopefully someone or somebody will message me back if there are mistakes I’ve comited or things that I must modify or improve.

Today I am starting my pay per call project with A company I believe who is based in europe. They must have a pretty strong standard when it comes to promoting businesses. I hope and pray that the trial they’ve gave me will be enough to keep my membership with them.

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