Neil Andagan Digital Marketer - Media Buyer - Brand Analyst
El Rio Village, Bacaca, Bajada, Davao City 8000 Philippines

I started my Digital Marketing experience as early as 19 yrs old. I had been a Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, MLM Campaigner and so forth. For the years I have involved myself in different projects, I had gained confidence in the fields of Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Traffic Conversions, Local Marketing, Branding and Digital Media Buying.

I never let passed an opportunity without learning every aspect of the campaign. How they (clients) became successful and analyzed the possible ways to improve their campaigns.

My experiences created my skills and my skills created my career. For more than 10 yrs, I have been productively providing quality output for digital marketing, Media Buying and Strategic Planning.

Brokenshire College2008-2009Bachelor of Science in Nursing

During 2004 -2010, the nursing industry was booming and I was been advised to earn my diploma in nursing as there is an opportunity to work in US, however it didn't materialized. 

But I am still blessed I have earned my diploma in nursing. It put my mind setting on a different mindsetting. I've learned to understand how "needs" differs from "wants", how "necessity" differs from "luxury". And I have understand further the human emotions and I had incorporated the notions Ive learned from my nursing school with my marketing concepts and practices.

Notre Dame of Midsayap College2002-2003Bachelor of Science in Business Administration , major in Strategic Planning & Management

I had earned this diploma from an unknown school south of the Philippines. But this school gave me great learnings. Sis. Valenzuela molded me to who I am today. Made me value every penny I earn and the money that my clients are getting from my campaigns. I feel proud and blessed that an unknown school gave me a panoramic picture of what making and doing business should be and how it should be done.  Great business school and I absolutely missed every week's case studies and dissecting marketing plans.

Notre Dame of Midsayap College1998-2000Associate in Computer Science

When I was 14 (1994), internet was introduced in our town. An hour is worth 1.5usd, that's already considered as luxury, if you can afford to surf the net and that time yahoo, msn, bbc and cnn are the prime sites of information. There is no such social media yet. And I dont owned a computer at that time, I told myself one day I will go to a computer school and learn how to use the mouse, type on the keyboard and so forth. And when I was 18, I took up this associate degree leading to the bachelors degree.

Various Employers2016-2018Various Short Term Projects

After leaving, I had been getting short term projects such as for Search engine marketing, social media campaigns and Ecom Sales / Leads conversion projects ( Facebook Ads / Google Adwords).

Studywide.com2015 -2016Marketing Head / Project Manager

I was tasked to do lead generation. Connect the Asian Students and Native English Speakers through our site. My main tools in providing results are fb ads, google adwords and search engine marketing campaigns. I also handle the team and coordinating the tasks with the management. Recruitment is also a side task.

Axis Shift2014Mobile SEO Specialist

This company creates and market social games on IOS and Google Android. My main task is to optimize the title, description and certain component of the header of the app that will compete with the other games in a given niche. I also recommend for the possible games to produce depending on trending topics, popular games played and reported high sales produced games.

Outsource Jobs Au2013SEO Specialist

I handled the online campaigns both in social media and search engine optimization. My main function is to push the site on 50-100 keywords up on the first page. The keywords varied competition wise. I was able to bring in results and made sure that will not be banned by Google by doing a slow drip of backlinks.

Affilireview2012SEO Specialist

My task consists of doing research on affiliate networks, affiliate programs, and do a comparative analysis on each.  I also handled the management of its SEO campaigns.

SEO Specialist2011Care Ultima

My task is to provide lead generation thru social media platforms and search engine marketing campaigns.

Ryan Mengelkoch IM2010General Virtual Assistant

I was his assistant for his online marketing projects. He ran multiple affiliate marketing campaigns and was on promoting websites as well.

Patio Cushion Plus2010SEO Specialist

This company sells custom made patio cushion. My primary task is to rank their site on local search results and expand their research through maximizing their social presence, tap those important keywords and do a research on co-competing brands online.

YadaYada Marketing2009-2010SEO Specialist

Laura, the CEO of this company provided me great trainings. I was tasked to do SEO campaigns for her clients. Do a brand reputation management and her General VA in some occasions.

SoarAway Digital Marketing2009SEO Specialist

This company has a lot of client’s niches to work on – my task then was to push traffic to their sites, help out manage the wordpress site and submit new SEO schemes that we can follow.

ElderABC Retirement Village2008SEO Specialist

This company operates a retirement home in Canada. They want to bring in more clients to their retirement villages. My primary task then is to create their presence online, rank their site on certain target keywords. Create results and keep their brand competing with the rest of the retirement solutions in North America.

Ana Marie Killer Store2007General Virtual Assistant

She has a dropshipping store in UK. My primary task is to do the orders, do the

Search Engine MarketingI can promote your website on major search engine platforms (google, bing,amazon,apple.)
App Store OptimizationI can help you promote your Apps on IOS and Android Platforms
Social Media MarketingI can provide quality social media campaigns for your audience. I can build viral contents, engage and further reach your micro audiences.
Facebook AdvertisingI can produce sales and leads through the facebook ads.
Google Adwords AdvertisingI can provide a backend support for your paid local business promotions
Brand Development & ManagementI can develop your presence online and make your brand visible for your target audience
Research & AnalysisI can provide you with credible data to help you with your decision making
Strategic Planning & DevelopmentAre you a new player in town? I can develop your strategies through case studies and research
Talent AcquisitionI can look for the right persons to fill in the positions in your business.
Project ManagementI can help you manage your team and keep your activities on the right track.