I am Neil. My friends call me nils but either names will work, I will still turn my back when someone utter those words. I live here in Davao City, Philippines. I have been residing here for more than 18 yrs. I am just not so sure how old I was when my brother Kim gave me my fare to live with him for few years til I will get my bearings. I indeed survived here and I have been residing here ever since I moved here from North Cotabato.

I am a normal person as you know. I commit mistakes but I strengthen my weakness by perfecting my skills, and those weakness always a lesson learned. I believe that life is full of trial and errors. And I would love to take part in any challenges. Yet I hate errors, I hate mistakes – those are deterrents for success. But in any given circumstance there will always be one or few or even many along the way. Having those challenges, it have provided me a platform for perfection.

If I will be given the chance to take part in any project, I would like to take my credentials into action. I want to handle what I love to do the most which is Digital Marketing, Media Buying, Branding and Research. Because I can be reliable on these said areas of marketing.