Google Is Shutting Down G+

Days ago I had an email from the Google Support that they will be removing inactive GSuite Account. I have my Gsuite accounts deactivated few years back and bit curious why til now they sent me a notification where in fact, I had mine deactivated long long time ago.


Google Suites Notification
Email from Google to Immediately Recover my Account

Then they sent a follow up email pertaining about Google +, a very tiny populous social platform which is intentionally created to match up with but it didnt succeeded.

Google + Sign Off Notice
Google Will Shutdown Google PLus by April this year

I remember the Google Buzz, the program that could have matched up with Twitter.

And there are so many other products from time to time being introduced and then later on will cease it’ service. If you are an avid Google follower and you put your business operation with their product line. You better think twice now because soon they will also shutdown Google Hangout.

Google Hangout
Google Hangout will disappear this October

“The original Google Hangouts will start to disappear this October” Read More on this link:

Constantly Google is removing their products which they think useless anymore and monetization seem less feasible.

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