Twitter Marketing & Management

Twitter is a nanoblogging platform. It is designed for short messages, shoutouts that are intended to be short. It is a platform for everyone to channel their message as if they are talking to someone else because a real person don’t talk in paragraph but in few lines.

Hashtags are tools of which it can locate discussions on twitter. To join in a discussion, you need to look for the hashtag twitter people are following.

The thing with twitter since everyone talks in few lines, marketers need to be direct and have to shorten the characters when they post shoutouts

Twitter content required to be short, precise and well structures. You also need to tag key people in the team if they are also building their names as brands, if not use the hashtags.

How to Look for leads on Twitter?

First research on companies you wish to follow. look for the key people in that company – make sure they are on the top management and not in a marketing team.

Again plot what their current issues and possible solutions you can offer.

Company Key People Current Issues Offerred Solution

Follow these key people and engage on their content. It’s a two way process to build relationship on social media, you need to provide content and you also need to engage to their content. As soon as you are already development a trust relationship with them, mention an app concept that they can be interested in and always use this phrase to start:

Can I email you the concept? Would you like to schedule me for a chat?

Again, our approach is 1:1.

Twitter Contents
Reaction / Comments: you can post relevant contents via sharing links and tweets and add your personal message to it, tag the author or the company.

Viral Posts: Make sure you post from time to time viral contents to make your account more interesting and attractive to viewers. If you can create your own the better.

Quotes, infogram: You need to post infograms and quotes from time to time – informative materials for your followers to read.

Syndicated Contents: You must syndicate your posts from your facebook page, youtube channel, blog and linkedin. You dont need to add more lines. just share it.

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