Linkedin Lead Generation Management

Here is the equation in linkedin:

30% Account Stalking
50% Engagement
20% News / Inspirational Quotes

LinkedIn is a different platform wherein all of the members are either professionals in their field of careers or skilled employees. It’s not good to post about breakups, new house or new baby. Contents should be related at work, business or ideas.

That is why, In LinkedIn, you can rarely find someone posting about their new car or house, its all about movement in their careers.

And you can always view posts about companies, new products and services. Someone got promoted to a different position

This company leveled up their contents and provided a wow factor (viral)

What have you observed on the posts? posts which are relatively “regular” don’t get much attention. A simple shout out that great topic discussed turned into a well followed content.

If you want to stand out in the streams of company updates, career news and so forth, try to be different but in such way you can also career your brand.

As Overpass apps is all about new ideas on app designs – I would suggest to come up with posts such as:

A. App designs for person with disabilities
B. App designs for business personalities ( Customized apps)
C. App designs for SMEs Business operation
D. App designs for Large Companies
E. Company Updates – client served ( with permission from the client)
G. Quotes from Erik or anyone from the team

This type of posting is different from the rest because it bring in awareness about the company’ skill set and manpower.

Account Stalking is a strategy in linkedin wherein you look for potential clients through linkedin.

First, you need to have a baseline data of people whom you want to follow on linkedin. Start from looking into local businesses. Businesses which are performing less and those who are performing well. jot down the key people and their roles then start looking for each one of them online.

Industry Location Company Key People Notes

Start checking their social accounts. If they have social accounts, surely their CEO or managers are also active online.


Then Start following the key people, engage on his posts. Give it a week or two. Manufacture a relationship via his posts. After attracting his attention, connect with him. Make sure you have a strong profile too because they will always check for your profile. Don’t give your pitch yet when you are not yet that sure of what they want and need.

Company Key People Current Issues Offerred Solution

Your message maybe similar to this:

Hi Keith, I read your post here on LinkedIn that your company is currently pushing for automating your Employee Check In and Checkout. I am working for Overpass Apps and we develop apps that can minimize your cost and increase your productivity.

I am thinking what if we develop a mobile device based software that can log every employee via gps without having a bundy clock. Automatically your server will log each person inside your premises and take out the time doing the usual log in, log out.

Best Regards,


Then you will have a follow up message and so forth. A good research is needed to perform this.

Engagement comes in different forms, Private message, Post comment,like and share or being active in groups.

For the purpose of Lead Generation, we are going to do marketing via the LinkedIn groups.



Engagement comes in different forms, Private message, Post comment,like and share or being active in groups.

For the purpose of Lead Generation, we are going to do marketing via the LinkedIn groups.

You need to apply to get approved. Once you are a member, try to look for business owners or managers then follow them and add them to your connection.

Then message them of a possible app concept they might be interested of.

Do not post any marketing material inside LinkedIn groups, they will ban you. Perhaps viral, quotes or do a crowdsourcing for ideas.

Note: Its always good to customize your marketing campaign on linkedin because each and every linkedin member is unique and the approach is 1:1 meaning you have a single person to do salestalking to whereas, through paid ads its 1:Many.

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