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Hashtag Marketing: Hashtags are commonly used to map trending topics. Brands are also using this to provide a easy access for their contents online

Common branded hashtags




So if we are going to utilize the hastags to get our contents be mapped if our readers will look for our content, I suggest we use the following:










Hashtag Hack

We need to reach more audience for our contents. So we need to look for trending topics on twitter, instagram and facebook and Niche related hashtags and add it on our lists of hashtags.

#OverpassApps #OverpassIdeas #Powerbuilders #Appdevelopment #KristineIOSIdeas #SamsungAppIdeas


And the structure of the shoutout will be:

Overpass Apps joins innovative efforts in app development. Turn your ideas into reality. Contact us today!  #OverpassApps #OverpassIdeas #Powerbuilders #Appdevelopment #SamsungAppIdeas

Note: Too much hashtags on a post is not healthy. Make sure that it is just enough. Make sure that you are using the same branded hashtags in all of your social accounts. So that when we type in on google a certain branded hashtag, all contents published online containing those hashtags will be seen on the search results.


In your facebook page setting, if you can see here, you have entered only video games contrary to your intention to capture


you could have enlisted few from this list to reach more target audiences:

mobile app builder
app developer
mobile app developers
mobile app development company
iphone app builder
mobile development company
ios mobile app development
business app builder
app creator app
small business app developers
app developers uk
enterprise mobile app development
android mobile development
custom mobile app development company
ios app development company
app developers london
android developer

Facebook Thumbnails
Recently Facebook changed the way present links coming from YouTube. As you can see their close competitor is YouTube so, they tune down the snippets to make it more appealing to their members. And oblige their users to view the content through Facebook videos.


If you visit this site, youll see that the site doesnt have good images for thumbnails but you notice that it has a good snippet data


So when I will post the content on Facebook or in any social media platform. it will look like this:



How do we do this?

1. Download and install yoast SEO WP plugin on
2. Create a post and use a hidden category
3. insert the snippet content you are trying to publish including the image, make sure it is properly assembled.
4. Go down the the Yoast SEO section and enter your snippet data



5. now lets go back to your post content. we need to add this code

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=’'” />

Content= how many seconds you wish to delay the redirection

URL= the site you wish your visitor to be redirected.

6. Then hit publish.

Once its already been published. you can copy the post url and post it on the content box on Facebook. let Facebook to fetch the snippet content first. as soon as its done make sure that you enter your shoutout and automatically it will crash out your url address on the content box, leaving the preview and the snippet data on.

Note: I guess every post you publish on Facebook, you have to make sure you have the right snippet data.

Current Content Adjustments

As you can see on this post, the Preview video is been overtaken by hashtags. its overwhelmingly been placed and few are not related to what the video topic. This should have been:

Your Clients Don’t Need To Be Technical! 🙄
👉Know more on how to handle your current clients 👉 Increase your customer relation. #OverpassApps #OverpassAppDevBusiness #AppDevelopmentClients

😍 Watch the #574 Episode of THE DAILY OVERPASS 😍
Youtube link >>




Emoticons are helpful in making your post livier and more appealing to your readers

Check out emoticons here :

Inspirational/ Funny Quotes
People will admire a page that has a humanistic approach. A page that they are following that on one specific hour it publish an inspirational or funny quote it develop an interaction with the target audience. Something they will share it to their friends and that will spread our audience reach.

Aside from The Daily Overpass, you need to have quotes that are within the target niche.

Since is a tech company. The page should showcase technological advantage or ideas. If the company can release concepts for any app developer to use, presentation will be credited and it will be helpful for the brand awareness. From time to time you need to come up with ideas that you can share to your subscribers for them to share with their friends or colleagues.

You also need to inform your audience of whats the latest technological advantage at anyone’s disposal

And lastly you need to post company news, updates and so. Perhaps posting your Summer getaway, over the weekend escapade that will make your audience get interested with the company.

Or perhaps daily moments with anyone in the team – In this way there is that fun factor you bring in in your brand that will make you and your team interesting to your prospective clients.

Facebook Post Scheduling

Monday to Friday Post Scheduling
6am to 7am
11am to 1pm
4:30pm and onwards
Weekend Post Scheduling

Studies show that people who are in the business sector read facebook posts on these hours therefore its good to have your post published on the hours that your target audience are online too.

Infographic: How Often Should You Post on Social Media? See the Most Popular Research and Tips

The Best Times to Post on Social Media in 2018 Based on Research


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