Part 1: How Many times do Google serve Ads to a target audience?

Have you ever wonder when you watch a youtube video, the same ad is blocking your video? And it is relatively annoying because,it just keep on repeating itself after few minutes.

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And I am wondering how effective that strategy is, if I am the target audience there is no such continuity of events, that is: If I am not convinced by the first ad, there should be an another one that is designed to make me engage on the ad.


I am told that there are three categories of traffic, Hot, Cold and Warm. In PPC, everything starts with keywords. Identifying the right keywords for a campaign is a contributing factor in your PPC campaign success or failure. And if you classify the keywords and properly create an ad material ( sales copy, graphics, banners, videos ) can help produce a good outcome for a campaign.

What if you have already done your homework? You have selected the keywords for your Hot Traffic, Cold Traffic, Warm Traffic? Are you ads be served over and over until the target audience will get irritated with the same message again and again and til they will literally choose an another video to watch?

What if there is an ad sequencing that within 24 hours one campaign will start with a certain ad and will end with a different ad – a series type of video that will educate target users and if they will abruptly end the process it will continue on the following day.

To provide a smooth advertising atmosphere that will initiate trust relationship between the target audience and the advertisers – the ads itself will not only deliver the message but it should engage with the target audience’s interest and will fire up its senses and process the stimuli in nanosecond and right away classify it as need or want.

The beauty of ad sequencing is that it brings in interest; it molds audience understanding about the product/service and it will produce an interaction.

I have decided today that I will contact Google and ask what are the possibility of creating an ad series within one campaign set up. I dont want to bore my audience and I want to deliver my clients’ brand effectively. I will keep you all updated next week. Thanks for dropping by.

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