Eddoes Fries Project

Hello Everyone, I am currently doing something offline which I think can be beneficial to farmers in the philippines. In the philippines fries is normally associated with great looking and tasty potatoes however the reality is growing potatoes in this part of the world is not as easy as you think. Potatoes indeed requires good soil, good weather condition and tons of pesticides and when its time to harvest the goddies 80% of the materials you guys are getting are toxine. So, my journey right now is how to come up with ways to limit the consumption of toxic potatoes. I want to start with making Filipinos appreciate the vegetables that are ennate to this country. Eddoes are perfectly can be farmed organically. Farmers can just let the plant survive on it’s own and in due time they can have a bountiful eddo harvest.

I want my journey to start with fries, its not a staple food in the Philippines but everyone has an appetite with this European dish. And using Eddoes to substitute potatoes can be a tough call but nothing is impossible.

I am done almost everything like how to insert the animal flavor into the starch content, making the outer layer more crunchy and this week I am down to how to cut the eddoes perfectly without boiling it. Then after this, I will be shifting my focus to my research on retargetting and remarketing, how effectively ppc networks are rendering this marketing to it’s target audience/market.

I hope and I prayed that this week is the end of the basic research for eddoes and I will only be putting my effort on this project on the weekends. Take note, I have not bought any equipment aside from my coal stove, my ordinary cooking pots and cooking oil that can be bought in any wet market. So, this project is sometimes draining me physically but I am achieving something somehow.

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