At the lowest point of my life …

I have been through whirlwinds of life, I lost few good people who stole my heart and even up to this date I still can feel the pain, the sorry and the misery of not having them on my daily life. It’s been awhile that the list itself added two more good people whom I dearly adored for their kindness and humility – my landlady Inday and her son Shinkee. Inday is a mother of one and a common law partner of a Japanese Retiree. She met her partner when she was working as a dancer in a club in japan. She flew to japan to work as a dancer hence I have seen her singing much feasible to draw some pennies with. She is one good singer who can sing her heart’s out and be captivated by her striking looks as she ennounciate each word in a song. She also have that raw talent in the kitchen – being a housemaker herself, she is crafty in always and food on her home table is always full love and passion for cooking. She innovate food to suit the taste of her partner and her half japanese son. In normal days she cook japanese food with a Filipino twist. Her Spaghetti is always delightful to see, you can easily be invited by it’s reddish color with tiny bits chunks of meat and saugages. And the most special food I had from her is her calderata – a beef stew braised with evaporated milk, peanut sauce and cheddar cheese. On special occassions, though that stew is bit pricey to procure she always make it sure that it will be served and it will be shared with everyone. I remember one time, my flatmate Crecre- passed by her kitchen and Inday was already storing all her foods on her containers, however since crecre dropped by she even gave few slice of meat with her calderata to crecre, and her few is literally the contrast of it’s nature, its always many. A very humble person who never stopped thinking about what she can offer to everyone who dropped by her place.

Last May 1 as I and my flatmate Allan are already on our regular routines. Allan already on his way to be home by 8pm and I was already whining down with my tasks on some marketing projects,my door was hit as loud as it can – a knock that can stop what you are doing. As soon as I opened the door, the sad news was delivered right unto my face – a hit and run incident occurred few meters from our place. A woman and her child was crossing on the pedestrian lane and a overspeeding pickup vehicle took the lives of the two. And to my stun, they are my landlady and her son. The bumper of the vehicle was taken off from the nose of the truck and Shinkee was primarily hit by the left side mirror and shook his head, created a cut from his lips to his left jaw. And the speedy run of the vehicle tossed the kid with his mother and both their heads were smashed on the road. And the mother was even hit twice by an another pick up truck on the other side of the road. The kid instantly lost his life while the mother was still breathing and was rushed to a nearby hospital and everyone in the neighborhood was shocked and can’t explained what had happened.

From my window as I am on the second floor of the house, I can easily see the commotion in front of the Mercury Drug Store. Traffic is building up and everyone’s shouting and crying. I can hear the noise from my window and stepped outside to my balcony where I can even have a clear view of the people. I am feeling like I should go there, I need to be there these are all dictated by my senses. That urgency of being there to help out but my mind is thinking there are more or less 100 men and women on the scene and for sure there must be few people who reached out and atleast cover the bodies, that my presence will be an auxillary – not needed at all. However my guilt feeling pushed myself to shirt up and rush to the scene.

Right on closing my doors and opening our gate and start walking towards the scene, my heart is pumping as if Im too is dying,closer and closer and 10 more meters I cant helped it anymore but stare on the people surrounding shinkee as the mother was already transported to the hospital. All I have are questions in mind – Are these all staged? Is someone playing at me? Is this real? I mean, the person who always insists to pass through the pedestrian lanes because thats the safest way to cross the road died on a pedestrian lane. WTF. The feeling that I had that moment was – where will I go? if the road facing our place took the lives of my landlady, her son and few people in the neighborhood, who can be the next victim? who can lost his life while crossing the road?

While the wake was going on at the house being contructed by my landlady, I had to stay in my friend’s place in Toril to calm myself and on their funeral I just afford to have a peek on the coffin glass atleast, my tears rolled down and start thinking of how life can be this miserable. They were just crossing the road to get home and the road itself took their lives.

As the funeral ended and we started fixing ourselves,its hard to think about them – their goodness, kindness, humility and patience. They never gave me a hint that they will be gone too soon. I lost good friends with Inday and Shinkee and I always treasure moments with them.

Its been almost two months now since they left and we are all grieving still, it’s not easy to pass by her kitchen without stretching my neck and check on whos cooking, whos doing the laundry before I can open the gate and walk upstairs.

The whole incident made me think about how life can end in any second of the a day. You will be remembered by what you have instilled on everyone’s hearts and mind. What you have imprinted on anyone’s heart often can magnify more than your achievements.

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