Atomic Bomb Delivered @Tuna Express – Roxas

When you hear or read stories about a person couldnt stand waiting in line and it popped, you cant just simply smile but laugh. I had an aweful experience last monday. I wasn’t anymore feeling okay since last week but I just kept on going hoping that being alone for the whole monday daytime will ease my loneliness as I am still griefing for a loss of a friend and her son. The whole monday I was on my bed just watching movies, reading news and if I will bored then I will walk to the convenience store nearby and buy myself some biscuits (I have been limiting my carbo intake, biscuit is the only source of carbs in my diet). That was me entire routine last monday.

But since last week, I cant go beyond 10 meters away from the comfort room. Because I definitely been shitting almost after 30minuts to 4 hours. Been weak already and I can sense that I am hypoglycemic plus I had my insomnia too. It’s been a double trouble for me since last week but last monday I just tried my luck to move around for a bit.

I was not invited at all! When my flatmate told me he’ll be meeting a common friend of ours in Tuna Express in Roxas Avenue. I’ve asked him if I can join in, because that place is famous for it’s inexpensive tuna brooth and I love it and hoping that will alleviate my tummy issues. He hesitated because indeed I look aweful. I am already looking pale and week. My eyebug is so dark and deep, a terrible sign of potassium deficiency. However begging works at this time specially when you will just bargain for just a brooth and I will not anything beyond what I promised. To think the brooth is just 1 usd, but yeah he do cares alot for every cent he spent.

So I washed my face, put on my gray pants and the only thing that tighten it up is a belt, botton gone for sometime and didnt anymore bothered to fixed it. ( I am loosing weight alot and I dont want to buy new jeans til I get my desired weight). I worn my favorite shirt and had my slippers on.

Walking downstairs was already giving me a nervous headache, I can feel my whole weight is pushing downward and my sense of control at that time was at work. If someone will push me at my back, I will surely pass out or break a bone because I dont think I can hold myself up on it’s side grills. One step at a time I manage to go downstairs and pretend I am okay. ( nice job neil!

Since we are residing so close to the superhighway here, often it’s not a problem waiting for jeepneys routing downtown. We just waited for 10 minutes and we were able to hopped in a jeepney going Acacia Street then just a little walk crossing the street will be the Ateneo de Davao University and up ahead is the famous Roxas Night Market.

Just about crossing the street going to Ateneo, Allan my flatmate phoned Liezel. They will be meeting up in Tuna Express in Roxas and he asked of her whereabout and funny she is just behind us. So we awaited for her to cross the uyangguren road going to Ateneo too and we all walked together passing by the Roxas Night Market.

As soon as we started walking and skies started pouring bit by bit some water,sprinkling some people on roxas street and I can feel I am so light weight. The whole ateneo area which is facing the roxas night market is huge so would take time to reach the tuna express area which is at the third block. I could have bought myself a gatorade for potassium but I just keep on going.

After few minutes, we finally reached the Famous Tuna Express Roxas Branch. The place where all walks of life meet. And The people dont care who they are eating with on their tables because Tuna in that restaurant is just so good. As the two still at the front desk selecting tuna parts to be grilled, I immediately went to the comfort room. I am feeling like something is inside my throat down to my esophagus which I have to throw up. Passing the tiny area where on the left side is their pile of coals and on the other side is their kitchen, have to walk through to get into their conform room which is at the edge of the whole way. I rushed myself and start jerking my throat to throw up and sticky greenish substances came out and I just cant understand why I have those in my system. I did examined the substances and felt like I havent eaten any green for the past days and why and how did I was able to throw up such like these. I am stunned surprised and I felt very dizzy. So I flushed it all out because there are already people lining up at the gate, of where you have to pull to get inside the hallway and to the comfort room. ( in the philippines, comfort room can be wash room or toilet).

Walking to my friends who are already well set on a table having the view of the roxas night market, I told allan to get some meds because I am passing out, sweat all around me and I was so pale as white bond paper. He resisted and he wanted to just wait til the meal will be served and consumed. I told him if he will not do it, I will die. I feel like I dont have strenth anymore and control over my body, I walked back and forth from our table to the comfort room. It’s peak hours so there are alot of customers ordering their foods and waiting for their turn to use the comfort room. On my first try, there are 4 people lining for their turn then on the second try they are 2 and on the last, I just rushed and knocked on the door and yelled a girl and said ” it’s still occupied” ….

My god, I just cant help it anymore, I feel my watery shit suddenly burst from my tiny whole and claimed my pants. As the girl walked passed through me, she looked at me and I just dont care anymore and pushed the door open and took off my undies which is full of shit. I can see some undigested stuff I had the past 4 days and I know it was a meal I had with my friend.

Taking out my brief is not easy because the comfort room doesnt have a lock, you have to hold the door knob from time to time to secure yourself. one hand is holding the brief and the jeans down to the wet floor and the other is securing myself by pulling in the door knob because the gate too outside doesnt have a locked.

I already hear the commotion outside but I just keep on going til I was able to put the brief in the bin and started cleaning my jeans off. Even at the most embarassing moment I was still investigating why and how this whole thing happened, what did I consumed and why I am feeling this terribly weak. Then I heared Allan at the door and asking me if I am okay. I just keep on going cleaning my jeans. Its all wet then I cleaned up the whole area.

Everyone’s lining up for their turn and they are all dressed up. As for me I was just on my jeans, shirts and slippers. When I totally got rid of the smelly stuff, I worn my jeans again ( now without a brief on) then walk passed the line of people and I know for sure they have been laughing at me.

Then I went into the window facing the table of Allan and Liezel and they hand me the gatorade and pill then I walked to the Roxas Night Market. Luckily at just one blink, I was able to find a perfect fit jeans then I bought it and went back to the comfort room and change my wet pants with the pants I bought and put my old pants into the pin.

And I returned to the table. They taught I will die but I survived. It was a crazy experience and as for me it was something I will not permit to happen ever again.

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