My Friday

My very simple website,I dont think anyone can appreciate a website that is completely looking like a skeleton, dont have a header picture, not even a descent background color, everything is completely text, gray and white colored website. This is just a challenge to me because in the days ahead I will be making my own SSL server and I will have this website have its own signed CA certificate. And maybe with an all original content plus SSL certificate can get my site up in no time.

I am wondering if SEO in https form can push a website up on the ranking without too much graphics, flowery contents. I will give my experiment a try this weekend.

Anyways Internet again sucks, cant help it but voice out my dismay with regards with my country’s internet service. Its not even getting any page up, so luckily my website is a fast loading,dedicated ip site, it doesnt even have alot of traffic and its quite good looking (who cares, I own this site, this is the look I want my website to be lols). Facebook is not loading, youtube is taking forever to get a video completed. And I am getting desperate to get my tasks done, I am terribly disgusted with the service, I am definitely going to write more about this experience. Soon when I have time, I will share my experience of how the internet connection here in the philippines progressed.

Its rainy Friday here and I like it,I wish I am not single, I could have someone to hug with hehe, Its my choice; I cant achieve a thing if I have alot of commitments to take.

Its friday and for sure,those who’ve planned to hop on bars and restos they better wear their raincoats and boots. :)


I normally ask for anything that is available, but usually gets whats not out of the choices. i always look for something else which I believe I need but its not even useful. I chase my dream alot but I am too lazy to get the steps done to achieve my goals. The fact of life is about creating opportunities, import discipline, perseverance and honesty. And all of these are not visible in my character, I always hungry on achieving things but I am way far from lifting my toes and soles for an extra step, extra step to push toward my goals.

The fact of life is about the reality of our existence, even if we are good in processing thoughts, setting up dreams, aspiration and goals, we still live as human beings capable of choosing options to take, whether if its right or wrong, morally right or legally wrong, we are who we are, excused or unexcused, liable or not we live by the promise of becoming a perfect human being by our own experiences, choice gambles and so forth. If I will dare myself to change, to be on a different pace, it will be like changing a different aura or skin. But it will just disguising myself and my happiness as a person will be compromised.

The fact of life is about happiness, humans may have been as bad as I am, but a person who live a life of its fullest, happy contented and maybe success is way far at reach but I know I will get there, life is a learning process and to accept defeat is envitable but to learn and get up again for each time I fall is the joy of a human person.

The fact of life is when we know we can be who we are, love life, learn from our mistakes, enjoy ourselves, embrace the virtues of life.

Hello World, I am back again

I have been fixing my site and I love the twenty twelve theme, and I really adore the simplicity of the theme and it create a solid simplistic approach in blogging. I will modify the theme later on but I will definitely keep this site. I had couple of blog items before but surely they are not important i will just let ‘em go. who cares with shitty posts, none sense and not even theme structured blog.