How Many Doorway Pages Google Shutdown In the Past 24 Hours

Have you heard the news lately, Google slammed the door to every doorway page that are strategically design to point to a particular page or website. Thus they are focusing the slamming of the door on mobile results. Why is it that Google is focusing on mobile results. Come to think of it guys, doorway pages are so rampant on the mobile results because they want to capitalize on the fact that when they got so much results on the first page and most if not all pages are asking the user to call this and that number to solve a problem, it is so quite unfair for those who can only provide one page of site and offers the same service. And they pull the best seo practices in their campaigns and here comes the other guy who works on ranking 8 to 10 pages with the similar content asking the user to make a call or even sign up on something.  Google dont like this at all, because the substantial and quality pages are being barred because someone is making a good move on how to be on the top of the pages.

Normally being on the top is good but If there is no variation somehow of contents you are trying to rank on google, more likely you are spamming the search engine results. To hinder google to present a good list of pages per user query, thats nasty at all.  And so Google 24 hours ago took their extreme measures to cut this off and provide a clear path for quality results and so Users can enjoy different numbers to dial to have the service.

Whats the other use of Doorway pages? have you ever observe people are creating good blog post and yet the tone of the content will try to lead the users to go to a certain page and he does this all the time in any platform he is using all his content are just trying to push traffic to that page and certainly funneling traffic using different platforms is the concept of Doorway campaigns.

What will be the effect to every affiliate marketer ? of course that will mean they have to come up with lots of landing pages.  atleast 6-10 landing pages or sites and create unique contents  for each page. And you have to vary the choice of words too, the tone, the hosting server you are using. the logos and etc. Remember Google’s Effort in shutting down the PBN, well sure you need to tweak for a bit for your landing pages because if you are funneling traffic going to your single landing page, its time to do some changes.

Why Your Site Is so Bland?


Hey guys, people are talking about why is it the whole concept of my website is literally bland. oh well, its quite obvious that the guy is trying hard to write and this is the reason why he is showcasing his skills in writing than all the graphics that he can put in. I really made sure that the site will focus on my content and not on the fancy graphics. But I do love the graphics but like what I have said, I dont see the value of it on the purpose why I want to come up with a website.

I really want to write, I remember when I was 16,though I wasnt excelling in my language classes; I feel that someday I can be a good well respected personality in the news print industry. Perhaps I can be a columnist or a featured writer. A story teller or a commentator. But the whole idea of earning a journalism degree was cut off when my mother decided that I should pursue an IT degree instead. Yeah folks, here in the Philippines it is fairly not difficult to decide and accepted in any college or degree. You guys in the states ,uk or australia might be thinking how education is being served down here, its bit easier than in your countries. So picking courses is like picking apples, oranges and you can even pair it with your popcorn.  To cut the story short, it was my mom who picked the course until I arrived with my diploma in business administration. I wasnt challenged at all. It was almost like walk in the park. I am no genius, I am not smart but I do have a pretty good working brain and ready to take action every time get challenged.

And when I graduated High school, I dont really pay attention to my english skills, not even with my filipino language class. I guess I had so much issues going on but yes, I do have my taste of literature, I love reading, I love watching documentary videos. I adore historical  materials. I love stories but the fact is I am right now learning the basics of everything which is love the language, learn and exercise and in that way I can appreciate literature further. And I hope coming up with e “bland” website can be a good baby steps towards a better language practitioner and literature lover.



How Do You Protect Your Eyes?


I have been facing the internet almost around the clock for years. The only time that I am not in front of the computer monitor is when I am in bed.  I have been working in the outsourcing industry for years and still counting and in addition to several years doing PPC. I am sure that I could have my eyes worn out by now, but even to this day I do not wear glasses. I don’t have vision issues. My eyes are still reading at 20/20 levels. So, how have I kept my eyes fit and healthy through the years? I will share the secret recipe for staying online without burning your eyes out.


  1. Our eyes are light sensitive that means our eyes’ responds to every instance of light that it sees. If the light it finds is too much, it will maximize its vision like a magnifier so that we can see the whole shape. If the light is stronger than usual, then we can visualize its shape and real color. Our eyes tend to reconstruct the object so that our mind can process it better. When our eyes have these extreme scenarios before them all the time, our eyes adapt to the setting. Thus, it understands your environment and creates a picture according to your preconditioned setting from before.
  2. Brightness can burn our eyes. The brighter the object is to your eyes; your eyes will adapt to that particular intensity. Imagine an induction stove.  You can cook in different settings, but after cooking you need to cool down your eyes. It’s because intense heat if consistent can dissolve the wiring and there is no machine that can maintain a 480 degree F temperature without resting. So if you want to remain longer in front of the computer, try to adjust the brightness of your monitor.  Tone down the intensity and simply use minimal light as much as possible.
  3. Our eyes are like razors; they will only focus on certain objects. As our eyes send out picture data to our mind, it will also send a request for which particular object to focus on. Because our eyes react to stimuli, our eyes beam their focus on them. Now, as you are working on your stuff on your computer, in front of the monitor, your brain sees the activities inside the monitor as your major focus. We often misspell some words because our brain focuses on the bright objects that our eyes are also paying attention to.  But if you lessen the brightness of your monitor to almost the same light settings within your room, your brain will see the whole room as one stimulus.   This means that there is just one brightness level going on in one set-up, your brain is not pressured just to focus on a single This will reduce the stress on your eyes.
  4. Colorful objects are harmful to our eyes. The brighter these objects appear, the greater the pressure it puts on our eyeballs and the mechanics of them.  That’s why I remember my grandma telling me, intensely colored toys are not good for kids.
  5. Elevate your monitor slightly facing upwards. Your monitor releases heat and the heat is then being absorbed by the eyes. It’s synonymous with cooking eggs. So release the heat of your monitor upwards and that way your eyes will not bear the heat of the monitor.
  6. In Western cultures, to take a bath after a tiring day is good, but for Asians it’s Whenever I sit on my chair and turn on the computer that means I can’t take a shower anymore, why? It’s because my body is absorbing heat coming from the CPU, the monitor, the keyboard, etc.… and your body is absorbing it.  You have to let your body cool down first before you will soak your body in your tub or turn on that cold shower. Heat is heat, and when you absorb it, your body cells are adjusting and normalizing your body temp.  How do you want that heat to get released? Heat always looks for an outlet, it’s like a stream that is wanting to burst from any open hole in your body. Do you want it to pass through your eyes? Of course not!
  7. Rest after being exposed to your computers. Rest can distribute heat into your cells efficiently allowing it to dissipate gradually
  8. Wear sunglasses if you feel like your eyes can’t handle the intense brightness of your monitor.  You may look silly working on your computer and wearing sunglasses, but what do you want? Great vision or poor eyesight?
  9. Don’t rub your eyes when you have that burning sensation in your eyes.  That burning feeling is a signal that you need to take a rest. Don’t expose your eyes to any gadget, TV, outside environment, let them cool down by simply closing your eyes, then after an hour or so you will feel that the heat is gone and the lingering burning feeling will not stress your eyes.
  10. Our eyes are the windows onto our being. God’s beautiful creation is being seen by our eyes and it’s good to age in harmony and have our eyes protected.  Let your sight fade away with a lifetime of vivid and clear memories and not a moment too soon.
  11. Protect your eyes as always. Your eyes and your fingertips and your brain are your tools in the outsourcing industry.



Weekend With Flu

I am working on my stuff today, I have been digging on some topics for the book that I am working on and Its hard to fight gravity somehow, I want to move around but I cant, I want to get up but my chest is kinda congested,  and I am feeling bit dizzy.  But nevertheless, meds still works like magic… one pill takes all the aches a way, but I already consumed hours lying and just trying to watch Tv to stay active.

My will is to stay active and get myself into my business but I cant think, I cant write and I am shooting my best energy to fight all of these shit.  Its now 8pm and I lost track of my activities for today.

I am working on my book about hashtag and it will be available on warriorforum,  a paperback material that anyone can enjoy and get themselves acquianted with today’s technologies. I cant be able to talk about much about it yet but I will be sharing the materials that I read lately.

Hope you guys are well today, enjoy your weekend.



How Free is Your Internet Experience?

Have you ever thought that we are approaching the age wherein internet will be serve to mankind for free? Well it is happening now, but you dont know and I believe only a few have some idea how how free is free in your internet access.  Today I stumbled upon on different topics about facebook and their current projects and they just came up with  An App that is designed to give internet access to under privileged people and those sites listed on their system are sites that you can just access. That means if you download and install the app, you definitely have an access to facebook, wikipedia and some important websites. Yes, thats right but you cant be able to stroll on other sites, thats the bad issue.

Now as the world is turning the internet free for all, certain companies and countries are arguing about giving an access to specific websites that deters or discriminates the competitor website, in effect the so called  internet lobbied rule – net neutrality will be put at stake.  Of which certain number of telecommunication companies are already vowed to act under these agreement.

This is a big issue nowadays,but I believe not everyone knows of the things happening on every internet experience. And this is basically an issue that can start here and will end up elsewhere. I will give you some pointers of why it is important to define the word Free in our internet based lifestyle.

a. If you are fond of using chat apps like Viber, wechat and even snapchat, these are applications that defies the internet gravity, these companies had deals with telcos  that if one user will open the port for this application they will treat the data as zero-rating. which means the telco will not charge the transmission  back and forth at all of any dime.  regardless how much traffic will be push from the apps they will have a special gateway.  In most prepaid phones,  a user need to buy a credit to experience this but if the telco is covering the free internet usage, have this option ready for the user but of limited internet speed.

b. Do you know that our internet connection comes its varied set up?  Like there are telcos which are prohibiting certain ports for p2p protocol, chat lines, or even squeezing some ports due to they want to lessen the traffic coming from certain ports. Thus maintain the quality service for the rest of their clientele.  What is good for everyone is what they are trying preserved however as a single user, which as a different sets of needs you might sees this too tight and this will prompt you to complain.

There are also countries that are prohibiting certain websites by rejecting its ip due to internal laws that applies in their countries however as a user you will find this a barrier to free media.

c. That Google , Facebook and some other companies are trying to extend the internet service to everyone. As UN is already cited the access to the internet is one human right that everyone should enjoy, still major companies are not complying to its mandate, and still throttling internet connections,  limiting access to a number of websites.

I am not so sure of where this topic will lead the business world and how long will the consumer world be idle and uninformed of the real deals of internet based companies and telcos. One thing is for sure, business is business and there is no such thing a free even if all the countries in the world will vow to follow the mandate of UN.

To be continued…..

The End of Free Google Apps Accounts

Google Apps
Google Apps

Perhaps the newbies of today are still thinking about Google apps free accounts? For Real? yeah once the world was so happy Google seem too niche to offer Google apps for free and the world did enjoyed the service and I am one of the few who still keeping an account with them since 2006.  What is actually Google Apps? Well, its a collection of cloud based application designed to simplify the google experience of everyone.  Like if you want to have a branded email address and you want your email server still be  thats perfectly fine. You simply just to channel your server to google’ s pop and imap servers and thats it. You have a branded email hosted under google. They have google talk, google docs and google sites. I love that google sites, you can create html coded site inside google and its for free baby.

I dont have the passion for keeping third party apps, I just somehow feel that it keeping my browser quite lethargic because of the calls to third party apps that time requires some api switching or something which I could not understand much. So I stocked on the default apps. way back before i can host every domain name that I have , and completely insane, I got private mails yet my mail server is a public one.  then later on I sensed things changed and the free account was later on converted into education accounts then, later on they cut the service for those accounts which doesnt have any hosted domain names. And as of now,  for free accounts they can only keep one domain name and all that they can do is to add a private domain alias and they cant add the secondary domain names. I got stunned and amazed how quickly the free stuff evolved into something bigger and its now competing side to side with Microsoft sharepoint and 360.  The service that I enjoyed yesteryears is now available with a much customizable price.

As of now, one free account should have 1 hosted domain name, like this website ( I accidentally deleted my secondary domain name…. I didnt realized that the google policy already changed) I felt like there is nothing in any business that will be kept for free. My email account too under gmail is one of the first 1000 emails issued when google decided to compete with yahoo.  When the whole email went experimental, I was one of the few who got an account with google, and I will always keep my  Hence with the fasten events happening in the business oriented google, I can sense things weve been enjoying before will be forever comes with a price tag. And I am wondering how long will take for me to decide of what to do with my email server when the time they will decide they will close down the free account of Google Apps.

Sadie, but thats life we all have to deal with it. I am just wondering how many of my readers are still keeping their free Google Apps accounts up to now. Give me your feedback and yeah lets talk about Google. I will definitely appreciate your feedback.

Lovely Wednesday…

I came into my resolution that every day I will be doing my blog post, anything that are interesting to my senses, I will log it all. Today I went to the hospital and I found the family of my old neighbor. I wish somehow I have not seen them or approached them. To hear their side comment in front of me is like killing me, stabbing me and seeing the wound jerk out some blood. I am happy to see them but facing the past life and my past struggles, I just dont want to see anything that reminds me of the hurt it gave me.

I love my town but I think life has to move on and I cant go back home and dwell on old issues, it just not making any sense at all.

Today, I have also worked on the site audit, all I thought it is as easy as picking apples or throwing oranges, it is not because I have to put my technical mind into action.  I have found alot of issues in my client’ site and I dont think the site is ready yet for the launching, I have doubts on its capacity at this point of time.  it can never reach our goals. I was able to give an honest opinion though and I hope he will be happy.

When You Cant Divorce Paypal…..

Frankly speaking, its hard to do business online if you only relying on your paypal account and when you are residing here in Asia, you can easily get some restrictions. Our IPs are always registered third class, which means spamming origi-nations. Thats sucks, becaue alot of the outsourcers are coming either from india or the philippines. And if they will treat our IPs as third class then,  we are inflicting security breaches somehow whenever we try to help out our clients in the states or in europe. I dont know but I am feeling like in order for me to be a Roman is I need to be in rome, which means I need a VPS strong enough to handle my campaigns.  I hate when this paypal service is messing up with our payroll, that they dont care if you just had incorrect transactions, technical failures, account was hacked, they dont care at all. And to add to this IP orignation thing, I am feeling like the only way to transact business with out any problem is bank wire. ( I will draft a project proposal too for cebuana Lhuillier soon, I will study the online payment transactions and how can cebuana lhuillier can play as a major outsourcer partner. But this will be an intense research based project proposal with them.)

Well Anyways, I went out today, tried to send out money to a friend of mine who had issues with her paypal account, and I have to fall in line, deal with the filipino bureaucracy, pay this and that and I hate it. How I wish she didnt had any paypal issues at all. My question is how can we divorce Paypal?